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Watch Ted Online In 1985, an introvert, John (Mark Wahlberg) makes a wish on his dy bear,  (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) for companionship. Although John gets his wish and grows up alongside a walking, talking, perverse dy bear, he's still stuck in that stage of being an outsider, uncomfortable in his own skin. At 35, John's social skills are completely lacking, and his ability to score a driven, down-to-earth girlfriend like Lori (Mila Kunis) is only explained by John being the best-looking guy in Boston. His idea of committing to his four-year relationship is buying a pair of earrings at a kiosk, and his drive for a promotion at a rent-a-car center is nonexistent. If there's one thing consistent about John, it's his commitment to his appalling, homophobic, sexist and sometimes racist best friend, .


If anything, the pairing of an actual dy bear that Watch Ted Online shares the same fears and worries alongside a human being provides a refreshing take on an old horse Hollywood had beaten to death long ago. John's commitment level to his dy bear is unmatched by any

Over the years, Hollywood has fed audiences a steady stream of a certain coming-of-age story: an apathetic man in his 20s finally grows up thanks to his mentors and his nagging (yet somehow charming!) girlfriend. Just when you think Hollywood had run out of wrinkles for this particular formula, along comes writer/voice actor and Watch Ted Online first-time director Seth MacFarlane and . The addition of MacFarlane's special brand of comedy succeeds in breathing new life into the otherwise monotonous formula, though it might also make your brain want a bath after having seen inside his crude, pop-culture-sadistic mind.


bromance seen on the big screen in recent years. In s past, we've seen devo bros who seem equal to each other in their immaturity, but one of them always seems to have the upper hand socially or domestically. John and  are on a level playing field. Both characters are outsiders, and no one has the upper hand, even if  acts as the voice of reason (albeit a perverse one).



seems to get away with things that would be considered deplorable and revolting if done by a human, yet MacFarlane, with his easy sarcasm and self-aware wit, creates Watch Ted Online an unbelievably charming character in this two-foot stuffed bear. No one can really hold him accountable for the deplorable things that he does. When 's racist, he makes no apologies because he's racist across the board, and by his appearance it's obvious he doesn't represent one demographic. In fact, since it's mentioned that his existence isn't normal in the context of John's world, he's very much aware of his own irony, which pulls the audience in on the joke too. It's what makes  so believable as a character.



are our date this coming back weeks, because it hit theaters to create us laugh out loud. The filming for Watch Ted Online on-line  was exhaus Boston and Swampscott, Massachusetts last might 2011. it's the primary feature-length directorial debut of MacFarlane.   - on-line  - is an upcoming yank anima comedy film, direc, written and made by Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy and co-creator of yank Dad! and therefore the Cleveland Show.